FOSTER DANCE STUDIOS                     
Developing Dance From Within                                                               915 Foster Street, Evanston Illinois
Defining Dance.
Honoring Technique.
Fostering the Individual.

Photo courtesy of Laura Carstensen

At Foster Dance Studios, our goal is to offer an exceptional dance education, to respect the whole individual, and to inspire all students to find the dancer within. Our studio provides flexible, open schedules and a personalized curriculum, all within a welcoming atmosphere. Just steps from the Foster El stop in Evanston, our 3,000 sq. ft. studios are easily accessible to the North Shore and Chicago.  Convenient street and lot parking are available.
"Melt", a winter concert 
Foster Dance Company
January 31, 2 and 7:30pm
Music Institute of Chicago
Tickets on sale at

cancelled on January 31
due to our show!

Summer Programs:
Six One-Week Intensives
June 15 - July 26

Foster Dance Camp
Two One-Week Camps
July 27 - Aug 9

Eight Weeks of Evening and Weekend Classes
June 15 - Aug 9


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